The Career Help You Need

We can help you develop a counseling and coaching program that is tailored to your specific needs.

Even  if  you  are  not  sure  about  your  next  steps,  engaging  in  a  dialogue with us can help you to identify what is happening at the moment and to frame your issues.  We will help you sort out the options,  decide  on  your  goals,  and  develop  a  targeted  plan  to  achieve those goals. Taking the time to do these things will enable you  to  develop  a  vision  of  future  possibilities  and  the  self-­-sufficiency necessary to take control of your career.

Coaching Sessions

We can help your stalled networking attempts, assist you in learning more about job hunting, and provide general guidance.

Resume and Cover letters

Ensure your resume gets to the top of the pile, unique and targeted to the job description.

Social Media Presence

We will help you create your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & others.

Developing a Strategic Vision for Your Career Plan

If you are like most people, you will change careers at least several times over the course of your life. How successful you will be in making transitions among careers can be partially attributed to the amount of career planning and preparation you have done.

Opportunities don't just happen,

you create them


New Year, New Job!?

Is finding a new job one of your New Year’s resolutions? Needless to say, this task can be very daunting....